Volker Betz’s music page
Welcome to my singing home page!
I am a German baritone singer, and having moved to the UK recently, I am aiming to establish myself in the national music scene.
Below you can listen to a few pieces that I
recorded in July 2008 at St. Nicholas Church, Kenilworth.
Just click on the title of the song, then on the new page
start the song by clicking the ‘play’ arrow.
        (Franz Schubert)
        (Georg Friedrich Händel, Messiah)
3.     Bugles sang
        (Benjamin Britten, War Requiem)
        (Reynaldo Hahn)    
All of the above songs were recorded by One Nation Studios, with Richard Jeffcoat
playing the piano.
If you would like to obtain higher quality versions of the above recordings, or book me as a soloist for your next concert, or obtain further information, you can
write me a mail or call me: + 44 7979 86 31 64.
I am also an associate professor of mathematics at the University of Warwick. You are welcome to have a  look at my mathematics home page.